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2010-01-21 15:10:40 by Adamaja456

a year filled with better music and more remixes of my fav songs <3

so once again i wont be uploading too many new songs but if i have free time on the weekends, i might work on stuff. thank you to the people that added me to your favs<3


3rd on All Time Best Scoring!

2009-04-01 06:37:53 by Adamaja456

Thanks to everyone that made my song \Overcome/ become 3rd on the All Time Best Scoring List
<3333 /209869


2009-03-25 08:18:28 by Adamaja456

thanks to everyone that made my song \Nice Guys Finish Last/ get to the All Time Best Scoring :D /198839

Flash Flash Revolution

Taking a break

2008-05-21 21:25:34 by Adamaja456

I won't be making any new songs until mid June because i need to get my ass into gear and graduate highschool. But dont worry, i'm going to try to spend a lot more time on each song i make during the summer and hopefully get some good music on here.

Thanks to everyone that listens to my stuff <3